Geisel Heating Air Conditioning and Plumbing - Geisel Heating & Air Conditioning Sold More than need to increase invoice


these people come off like they would never scam anyone but Geisel heating and air conditioning are liars. I guess the first rule of thumb is watch for people who protest too much to win you over. After the small talk I went ahead and agreed to have the furnace checked since we're so close to winter and really since I've been in this house(3 years) I haven't had it serviced. I scheduled the appt and the Geisel tech guy came and I didnt know what he was talking about since I know nothing about those systems. He didn't really explain it. thermostats and total maintenance and preventive plans - they can sure talk it up. I initially said I would get back to him but he started saying the heat could go out anytime and how homeowners have to wait in line to get it fixed and blah, blah. So I paid for it all.

Anyway, I go to a friends baby christening and her cousin was visiting - husband is an hvac tech for a building and I said I just had my service done. He says I got ripped off and pretty much doubled up on services. My sister looks online and see that they had an old BBB complaint but its only one.

I called but can I really prove now that I didnt need that service? it my word against their.

Review about: Furnace Maintenance.

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